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Delete directories recursive on Hetzner Storage Box

Among other external solutions, I store some data on Storage Boxes from Hetzner. The Storage Box allows you to have sub-accounts, so for every server and system storing data there, I use a separate account. For each sub-account, one can select a subdirectory where the data is stored, and the sub-account then can only see this data. The Admin account can see all data, and see all directories.

Find out the package size

Just installed a small CentOS 5 without additional packages and the 4 GB VMWare disk is almost full :-(

Daten sicher löschen

Eingedenk der Erfahrungen, die Stefan in seinem Vortrag vermittelt, dachte ich mir, löscht du die alten Festplatten mal ganz sicher:

Invaluable treasures

Cleaning up the working room I found some old harddrives in a box: