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PGDay.EU 2010 - Kart racing

On tuesday evening, after the conference, we went to a kart racing arena near Stuttgart. This event was announced in the first mail to all participants, although there was no reminder because all available places in the cars (for transportation to the kart racing) were already reserved after a short time.

Second day of PGDay.Eu 2010

The second conference day started with stress: the schedule was wrong in the booklet, the first talks in the morning were scheduled with 20 minutes instead of 50 minutes. This was the reason why so many visitors showed up early ;-) We decided to cut the next talks 5 minutes short and take 5 or 10 minutes from the breaks. After lunch we were back on schedule again.

First day of PGDay.Eu 2010

The first day of PGDay.EU 2010 was cool. All the work done yesterday now paid out: registration for everyone took only seconds and nobody had to wait.

Preparing PGDay.EU 2010 in Stuttgart

It’s this time of the year again: the Annual European PostgreSQL Conference (PGDay.EU 2010) is near.

The last weeks were very busy. We had an online meeting every week, ordered some stuff, told our sponsors where to send the flyers and in general we had a very long todo list to solve. Last saturday and sunday, several team members started arriving in Stuttgart and we met up to drink some beers and actually find some time to prepare the conference ;-)

PGDay.EU 2010 Call for Papers

PGDay.EU 2010 wird vom 6. bis zum 8. Dezember im Millenium Hotel in Stuttgart stattfinden. Es werden Themen für PostgreSQL Anwender, Entwickler und Mitwirkende sowie für Entscheidungsträger behandelt. Mehr Informationen über die Konferenz gibt es auf der Webseite unter: 2010 findet in Stuttgart statt


nach vielem Suchen haben wir endlich einen Veranstaltungsort sichern können für den PGDay Europa 2010, die größte Europäische PostgreSQL Konferenz in diesem Jahr. Selbige wird dieses Jahr in Stuttgart vom 6. bis zum 8. Dezember stattfinden und besteht aus zwei Tagen Konferenz (mit Vorträgen auf Englisch und Deutsch) und einem Tag für Schulungen.