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Second day of PGDay.Eu 2010

The second conference day started with stress: the schedule was wrong in the booklet, the first talks in the morning were scheduled with 20 minutes instead of 50 minutes. This was the reason why so many visitors showed up early ;-) We decided to cut the next talks 5 minutes short and take 5 or 10 minutes from the breaks. After lunch we were back on schedule again. ended is over, it was a really impressive conference with a lot of good talks. The people from the Prato Linux User Group did a really good job. I met many people which I only knew from mail or irc, had some interesting discussions and of course we had fun ;-)

tablelog now as RPM and Debian package

A while ago I submitted my tablelog version 0.4.4 as a Debian package (with Alexander as maintainer) and Devrim created a RPM for Fedora. The RPM was accepted a couple of days later and now that DebConf is over, the Debian maintainer also accepted this package in extra misc for the upcoming release.

Talks for PGDay accepted

Just got two mails, the staff accepted both talks I had submitted. One talk will be about my table_log, the other about migrating web platforms from Mysql to PostgreSQL.

Two talks for PGDay submitted

I’ve submitted two talks for PGDay, one about my tablelog extension for PostgreSQL, the other one about migrating web-based community platforms from MySQL to PostgreSQL.

Will see, if they will get accepted.

Log Table Changes in PostgreSQL with tablelog

Ever had the need to know what happened with your data? Tablelog could be your answer.