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PostgreSQL February Meetup in Berlin

On February 6th, 2024, we had the PostgreSQL February Meetup in Berlin. Ryan Booz presented about Super-powered Data Transformation in PostgreSQL. Artur Zakirov presented about pg_repack.

English Stammtisch Goes Magdeburg

Seit einigen Jahren haben wir einen regulären English Stammtisch im Norden Berlins. Wir treffen uns Dienstags und besuchen verschiedene Restaurants in der Umgebung. Für diesen Samstag hatten wir etwas anderes geplant: ein Ausflug mit dem Zug nach Magdeburg um die Stadt zu erkunden und den Weihnachtsmarkt zu besuchen.

ctid and other PostgreSQL table internals

While attending a conference (yay) the discussion turned to system columns, and especially 'ctid'. This was in context of backups, and the physical position of data on disk. The question was if that can be used to determine if an incremental backup is required, and if it is enough to just copy that field where the 'ctid' points to. Not quite, but I’d like to use this question to describe the system columns more in detail.

PostgreSQL with natural language support

In today’s fast development cycles and with the available, rapidly changing technologies there is less time for the rational planning of a new application. Since the database is usually the last in the development chain, programmers tend to avoid learning yet another programming language for relational databases. The PostgreSQL Project is aware of this problem.

PostgreSQL Schulung

Die Open Source School hat neben einigen anderen Lehrgängen auch eine Schulung für PostgreSQL im Programm. Dieses Posting hier nicht nicht ganz uneigennützig, wenn man sich anschaut, wer diese Schulung halten wird ;-)

BOOLEAN datatype with PHP-compatible output

If you use pure PHP (no database abstraction layer) with PostgreSQL, you may run into the problem that your BOOLEAN columns are not recognized by PHP but the value is instead returned as a string.

Avoid autovacuum for entire databases

We have a database with production data for a platform and another database with a production database dump for testing queries. We also have a test database but this one has slightly different DDL, because it’s for developing new features. Now Autovacuum is running on this server and keeps vacuuming this test database.