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PostgreSQL 95

Someone at FOSDEM 2023 asked the question: 'What happens when PostgreSQL rolls over the version number to 95? Will this cause problems like back then in Windows?'

Cleanup and reuse unused Copy&Paste disk space occupied by VMware

Whenever you Copy&Paste (or Cut&Paste) something into or from a VMware instance, the software first copies the files into a temporary directory and later on sends the copy/move job to Windows. Since the Windows task is asynchronous, VMware has no chance to find out when this actually finishes - so it is supposed to clean up this temporary directory at boot time.

However, waiting for the next reboot can clog up quite some disk space (when I develop something I often have to copy many files around between several virtual machines and the desktop) - despite that Windows still likes to BSoD on me from time to time. And sometimes VMware does not get the cleanup right at reboot and the files are still there.

create language if not exist

In a customer project I have to setup a database from a Makefile. Part of my problem: on Windows the installer may or may not install plpgsql into template1, therefore in consequence this language may or may not be activated in every new database. But that’s not predictable. This problem can appear on different Linux/Unix distributions too.

Vista ist noch schlimmer als XP

Der Rechner, der aktuell hinter mir steht, kam mit Windows Vista hier an. Ok, dachte ich, löscht du nicht gleich alles herunter sondern schaust mal, ob man damit was anfangen kann.

Windows möchte sich selber löschen

Heute auf einem Windows Server gesehen: ein leerer Papierkorb und beim Klicken auf “Papierkorb leeren” kam dann folgende Meldung: